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Welcome to our new website,! It is a fusion of the former website and the still active

We decided to bring all houses together in one website, and to focus on what they have in common: the freedom to live in a Greek house, and explore the lovely green island  of Skiathos. The island has an unequaled natural beauty and it's small scale tourism make it a very welcoming place where people of all countries and backgrounds fit in with a happy smile. We wanted to emphasize the original Skiathos as it is, at any moment of the year. It is not a summer destination, it is a paradise 12 months of the year. The island is ideal for many sports activities, for hiking, fishing, relaxing. The small community of local inhabitants (around 5000+) lives a quite traditional life in the winter and transforms into a cosmopolitan resort in the summer. In the winter there are many local celebrations to witness and in the summer the island is buzzing with holiday-makers. It is up to you to decide what type of visitor you are. The island fits you all.

Skiathos Houses is a real estate agency specialized in selling and renting private houses and villas in Skiathos, under the management of real estate agent Gigi Varsakis.

Gigi has worked for many years in the Greek real estate market. Touristic rentals management developed naturally from interaction with owners, sellers and buyers.  This resulted in the creation of Skiathos Luxury Villas at first, and Skiathos Houses shortly after. Gigi is a certified real estate agent who is liaised with Remax New Deal. She is responsible for the administration, management and recruitement of new villas and customer relationships. Language: Greek, Dutch, English, German, French and Italian.